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Do you need to quit smoking (or vaping)?

The London based Quit Smoking Clinic is a professional organisation offfering hypnotherapy for those who want the very best treatment available. Help which is affordable, enjoyable and up to date. Giving up smoking  could not be easier, and you will not be alone....thousands of people from all walks of life have quit here since 1995. Sessions are carried out at the Dulwich home of author and quit smoking expert Robert Matthews, who has been helping people quit for over 20 years. Imagine what it would be like to finally be free from the chains of smoking! See yourself in the future.....healthier, fitter, stronger, better off and no longer even missing cigarettes....  .

The Quit Smoking Clinic one and a half hour session

The £150 one-to-one session lasts just 1½ hours. It was born out of the success of hypnotherapist Robert Matthews, who over many years discovered that giving smokers a proper insight into nicotine addiction prior to hypnosis, created a much more powerful quit smoking technique than using conventional hypnotherapy alone.

Founder member of quitsmokingclinic.co.uk - Robert has helped thousands of people from all walks of life become non smokers starting way back in 1995, including an impressive list of celebrities. Robert has lectured in psychology at The University of West London and has practiced as a hypnotherapist in East Dulwich, Harley Street and Ealing for over 20 years. He has made appearances on breakfast television and numerous radio shows and phone-ins. Robert originally became interested in hypnosis and NLP as a student. View wesite.  

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a very pleasant and relaxing experience. It is the clinical form of hypnosis, carried out by trained and fully qualified therapists. You will find the hypnotherapy part of the session (about 40 minutes) is surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable. There is no question of being controlled or manipulated and you will remain aware at all times. Many well known celebrities have quit smoking using hypnotherapy...so why not join them! Hypnotherapy was recognised by the New Scientist Magazine, as long ago as 1992, as the best of all quit smoking methods when looked at in a carefully controlled study. Book online now (pay and choose your appointment time) or contact Robert on 0208 425 0418, mobile: 07963 183311..If you prefer you can use the contact form, or send an email. Check out Robert's book “Quit Smoking (or Vaping) in Style” – available from Amazon in paperback or kindle.  

"I can highly recommend Robert Matthews. He helped me quit smoking in one session after smoking for 20 years! He's brilliant!"
Cindy Shearer Yianni

"Amazed at results"
Paul O'Mara

"I came to see you back in August 2010 to quit smoking, and I am very happy to say that I have not touched a cigarette since that day. Thank you!!!!!"
Martyn Paddy Cavanagh

"5* for you Robert...you have amazing skills!"
Dr. Louise Chiasson

We are growing

Every year we seem to go from strength to strength, thanks to the continuous support we have been receiving from many areas, and the ever growing number of referrals.  We are now one of the most successful quit smoking organisations in the UK!

There seems to be no shortage of people who want to take advantage of our professional one session quit smoking treatment that features 'state of the art' hypnosis.

It doesn't work for everyone, but the success rate is phenomenal - estimated at around 90%. It's not all down to hypnosis, it is also the uplifting information about nicotine, plus the entertaining force of the session itself. Even very heavy smokers find it hard not to be changed by the sheer power of the session. You will never have experienced anything quite like this.

Why is hypnotherapy so effective?

Nothing is more powerful than the human mind. It is the power of the mind which creates our problems in the first place, it is this same power which is utilised by hypnosis to work for us rather than against us. The subconscious mind is a very real thing. Anything the brain is doing right now without consulting you is being done subconsciously, for example, adjusting your blood pressure, making you hungry or thirsty, or making little changes to your body temperature all day long. These physical things it does autonomously but it goes way beyond the physical - it also has a considerable say over our feelings, habits and emotions. Like a computer, the subconscious mind decides the degree of fear you may feel when confronted, for example, by a ferocious looking dog - a lot of it is predetermined by the input of your past experiences. If you are a smoker, it is also the subconscious mind that decides to make you crave nicotine regardless of what you, ('the conscious mind'), may think about smoking!

Unfortunately the conscious mind, willpower if you like, normally has little control over this deeper part of the mind. This is not an unfortunate flaw of nature, it is in fact essential that we have no such overide. Imagine how quickly the human race would die out if we could stop our hearts beating or switch off our appetites at will! As far as your inner, subconscious mind is concerned, all your anxieties, cravings or habits are in your best interests. When it gets things wrong, it is unaware that this is the case, like a real computer it cannot reason things out, it is programmed in a certain way and that is the end of the matter! But thanks to hypnotherapy this is not the end of the matter. Hypnosis is easily the most direct way of communicating with and 're-programming' the inner (subconscious) mind.

Why die from smoking when help is here?

Book online now (pay and choose your appointment time) or.call 07963 183311 / 0208 425 0418